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COVID-19 Information for Members

A Quick Reference Guide for Resources and Information

In these unprecedented times, we know that there is a vast array of communications circulating about COVID-19.  Our focus has been to find the most trusted resources and factual information for our members and curate this so that our members can easily find what they need, when they need it.  Below is a summary of how ASCHA has been responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • Daily Teleconferencing with the Ministry of Alberta Seniors and Housing – We are gathering information and circulating updates and protocols by direct email to the main contacts at our Member Organizations, as well as ALL Lodge providers (whether they are ASCHA members or not).

  • Direct Conversation with Leaders from Alberta Health Services and the Ministry of Alberta Health – We are taking member concerns regarding the care of residents/tenants in their buildings forward, and circulating updates and resources directly to our members.

  • Ongoing Member Conversations on ASCHA Connect – This is where members can share best practices, and ask each other questions. We will also be posting relevant information and resource documents here: https://connect.ascha.com/home  Note: ASCHA Connect is for ASCHA Members ONLY.

  • Primary Sources of Information for Everyone - (note, these sites are constantly updated, and we advise you visit them regularly):
    COVID-19 Information for Albertans
    COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool
    COVID-19 Information for Staff and Healthcare Professionals
    Government of Canada COVID-19 Information
    CMHC Coronavirus Updates

  • Member Conferencing - ASCHA will be holding calls with its membership twice a week through a virtual tool called GoToWebinar. Invitations to join these member-only calls will be sent to the primary contacts at our member organizations.

The ASCHA Office is still in fully operational at this time, and we are working hard to support you despite the changing status of this pandemic.  Should members have any questions, or require support, please contact us.  We will continue to update as the situation unfolds.

Interested in Careers in Seniors Housing?

Find out more about job opportunities, and how to post a job ad

Our Classifieds Page has a full listing of active employment vacancies within our sector.  You will find details on how to apply in each individual job posting.

If you are an ASCHA member interested in advertising a job opportunity, please send us a PDF of your job posting and we will be happy to add it to our listings.

Cancellation of the 2020 ASCHA Convention & Tradeshow

A Message to Our "Agents of Opportunity"

As we embarked on our mission, with all the tools, research and information we needed to become Agents of Opportunity at our 2020 Convention & Tradeshow, we did not suspect that our goals would be compromised by a global pandemic.  COVID-19 has interrupted our mission and has rendered our agents inoperative.

It is with deep regret that we inform you that we have met with Central Intelligence today and a decision was made to cancel the ASCHA Convention & Tradeshow for 2020.

We know that the ASCHA Convention & Tradeshow is of huge benefit to our attendees, and something our sector looks forward to partaking in each year.  The networking opportunities, professional development activities, and take-aways from this event strengthen each participant’s capacity to serve their residents/tenants, and enhance their organizations.  This offering is something ASCHA prides itself on, and we apologize that we cannot offer an in-person experience this year. 

We also realize the strain COVID-19 is placing on seniors housing providers at this time, and we know that everyone’s focus needs to be on providing the very best services to seniors and their communities, despite the many unknowns, staffing challenges and financial decisions they are having to make right now.  Know that ASCHA is here to support you through this COVID-19 takedown, and we welcome your ideas on how we could offer any educational opportunities you need right now.

We will be reaching out to our sponsors, exhibitors and delegates in the next week with specific details on next steps. Please be patient, as our mission is far from over.  We endeavour to find solutions that serve your needs and still meet your customer service expectations.

Thank you for joining us in our mission, even though it ended sooner than we expected.  Secret agents serve and protect, and we will continue to do this in the best interest of our sector, despite threats like COVID-19.



The ASCHA Executive and Administration

ASCHA’s Inclusive Direction

What will ASCHA’s inclusive direction look like?
ASCHA’s Inclusive Direction Infographic
You may have heard about ASCHA’s inclusive direction, which is intended to broaden services for the Association’s current members – many of whom offer programs/services across the housing continuum (i.e. not just seniors housing).

The above graphic illustrates what the journey could look like and we welcome further discussion with our members and stakeholders on the ideas presented.